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Client Testimonials

Making the decision to work with Team Miller for my 2011 contest season was the best investment I’ve made to become the best bodybuilder I can be. The experience I had working with Team Miller and the knowledge I gained is priceless. It gave me a whole new perspective on diet, training and supplementation.

I first came across Team Miller after seeing Doug win the 2009 IFPA Yorton Cup World Championships. I was in shock with the level of conditioning he was able to bring to the stage along with the amount of muscle and fullness he displayed with it. I knew that his physique was the result of very hard work, lots of knowledge and experience with diet & training. Shorty after I made the decision to work with Team Miller for my next contest season. I knew I had that hard work part of contest preparation down but wanted an advantage on the diet and training aspect. I thought to myself the best chance I have is to work with one of the greatest natural bodybuilders in the world and learn his methods to contest preparation.

During my contest prep Team Miller took all the guess work away, the only thing I needed to be concerned about was putting in 100% effort each day. Team Miller provided a detailed plan for what I needed to do on a daily basis with diet, training and supplementation. Team Miller doesn’t give you cookie cutter plans. I would check-in with Team Miller on a regular basis and they would make the needed adjustments according to how my body was responding to keep the progress continuing. Anytime I had questions or concerns Team Miller always provided assistance promptly.

Finally the end result of working with Team Miller was a life time experience come contest time. I exceeded all my goals l set with Team Miller before starting my 2011 prep (my main goals were to look my ultimate best, beat my previous showing and bring my best level of conditioning to the stage). I competed in two IFPA Pro shows against some of the top natural builders in the world. The first show was the 2011 IFPA Gaspari Pro Classic where I won the overall title! The second show was the 2011 IFPA PRO Yorton Cup World Championships where I took second place in the MW class.

In conclusion if you want to obtain your bodybuilding/fitness goals and have the desire & dedication the only thing your missing is Team Miller!

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-IFPA Pro Jason Janov

I just needed an edge. What or who was that edge going to be? My wife and I have done my contest prep in the past, and I have done extremely well, but we couldn't quite get to that pro card level. So we brained stormed and thought of how we could get that edge. I have heard a lot of good things about the "Best Natural Pro Bodybuilder" Doug Miller. I have seen him a few times and was pretty impressed. So I started to do my research and my wife and I came to the conclusion that Doug would be that edge I needed!

I contacted Doug and from then on we have been working together. He gave me some offseason tips to get my body prepared for when we started the show preparation. I am the type of guy that if I am paying money for something I want to see it, so Doug let me travel down to his store to talk and discuss everything and answered every question I had in full detail.

I awaited for my first week of plans with excitement. He did exactly what he said and sent them a few days early so that I could prep all of my food for the week. Once I received and looked over the plan, if I had any questions I could email Doug, and it felt like before I even hit the send button he already had answered the questions; yeah he is that fast with answering emails!

I stayed in constant contact with Doug throughout my prep and sent pictures as soon as he asked. Doug made changes and adjustments as my body progressed. Within a few weeks I feel Doug learned my body and knew what foods it responded to best, and this really helped through prep and especially peak week! Doug's knowledge of which supplements to incorporate and when to incorporate them just added to the overall edge. Doug ensures he works with you, your individual preferences, and what will work best for your body.

Choosing Doug and Team Miller was the best decision my wife and I have made! If you want to achieve the best look possible then hire Team Miller! But remember they just tell you what to do; you still have to do all the work! It is no cake walk, be prepared to do what it takes!


- IFPA Pro Tyler Gensler

When I met Doug and Stephanie Miller, I had just been through a dramatic weight loss and was lost in why I was training and had no more future goals. I was coming out of a funk after breaking my leg and half a year away from the gym. I did not know how to train “smart” or even correctly. I was your typical “cardio queen” and trained only legs really hard. Training one-on-one with Stephanie and having Doug work with me on my routine and diet really helped give me that nudge and help push me to the next level. It is great to now have a schedule and my eating disorders fixed. Through these past two years of competitions, they have shown me that there are “NO EXCUSES”, and that the more you put in, the more you will get out. If you want it, to go after it.

I finally have a lifestyle I can live by and the structure that I have always needed. I like to tell potential clients who are concerned about the costs that it is worth every penny. They have changed my life for the better and I can’t thank them enough for the “tough love”!


- Lydia Michalitsianos

I have always enjoyed weight training but I was never consistent with it. All of my life, I have always been a slim guy and never could seem to put on any size. One day I decided to make a change and challenge myself to see how much muscle mass and strength I could gain. I set goals myself but I had no clue how to go about obtaining them. I did some research and found Team Miller on the internet which sparked my interest. Then one day while working out at Gold's Gym, I had the opportunity to meet Doug and talk to him briefly. Shortly thereafter, I followed up with Doug to get started on his 12-week workout and nutrition program for non-competitors.

After an initial questionnaire, Doug was able to quickly customize a workout and nutrition program for me. There was no guess work involved as he provided me a detailed meal plan with options, recommendations of supplements and a 12-week intense workout program. I would check-in with Doug weekly and he was always available and quickly responded to all of my questions.

To work with Doug was one of the best decisions that I have made. Within 12 weeks on being on Doug's program, I have made the best gains in strength and size than I could have ever imaged. In addition, I have gain a better understanding of weight training and proper dieting. I eventually will set a new goal for myself and I will definitely enlist the help of Doug once again!

- Hung Khuu

Before I teamed up with Team Miller, I had no trouble dieting down and getting lean. My trouble was with keeping my muscles full and hard on show day. I would show up the most conditioned athlete the day of the show but would lack size and would show up flat. I kept my calories so low and my sodium that it was amazing that I even had the energy to pose that day. Team Miller got me over that hump. They kept more than twice the calories in my diet than I used to and I never went to sleep hungry. They showed me that there was a real science to this body building. The right calories, the right supps and the right workouts at the right time. The day of my show, I was the same weight I was a year earlier but I looked much fuller and bigger but just as lean. The biggest change was this time I won masters overall and the open overall. It took ten shows to finally say that. Thanks for all your help Doug and Steph. I couldn't have done it without you.

- Eric Peratino

As a lifetime natural bodybuilder at the age of 44 with over 30 years of bodybuilding training and having a successful 2012 season - winning my pro card at the 2012 ABA Las Vegas Naturals, I felt I was just not peaking at my best and needed to step it up a notch to remain competitive coming into 2013.


- Terry Hartley


As a lifetime natural bodybuilder at the age of 44 with over 30 years of bodybuilding training and having a successful 2012 season - winning my pro card at the 2012 ABA Las Vegas Naturals, I felt I was just not peaking at my best and needed to step it up a notch to remain competitive coming into 2013.

I contacted Team Miller at the end of 2012 and explained that my goal was to come in at my best for 2013. Doug immediately recommended the best approach and timing to get me to my goal, so I started with a re-comp program in January to put on some size for 2013. I was impressed with Doug's knowledge, not only in setting up a program to maximize gains using a very hard hitting dynamic approach and variety but to maximize my physique weaknesses and exentuate my strengths with the exercise selections and splits chosen. I was also very impressed with his knowledge and ability to help maximize my supplementation.

After adding some serious size to my physique we started my contest prep phase in April To prep for some shows in October. Doug was one step ahead with any needed changes and weekly follow ups to the program and gave open and honest suggestions on when I would be at my best .

Doug definitely delivered in helping me come in at my best for 2013. I took first in the masters in the NGA Boise NW Naturals and 2nd in the open middleweights. A week later at the Denver NPC natural I took first in the open middleweights. I came in peaked and dialed in for both shows with Doug at the helm making adjustments and guiding me into both shows.

I would suggest to anyone who needs to step it up and come in at their best to reach out to Doug and Team Miller. In comparison , prep programs that I followed in the past lacked the individual approach and expertise not only with nutrition, and training to come in peaked for the show but also the knowledge and guidance in maximizing and utilizing supplementation required to bring me in at my best. My advice to any serious natural bodybuilder is to get a hold of Team Miller and CRUSH IT!

side back

side back

- Jason Schwartz - Natural bodybuilder - Salt Lake City, Utah


As a natural bodybuilder for 10 years I have had the opportunity to speak to and work with several of the most recognized and respected names in the sport. Of all the individuals that I have worked with I have been most impressed with Doug Miller.

I hired Doug to assist me in preparing for my last bodybuilding show and I can safely say that it was the best decision I could have made. Doug is extremely knowledgeable not only with dietary matters, but also with training and supplementation. Unlike other contest prep coaches who only provide macronutrient target numbers and cardio suggestions, Doug uses his vast knowledge to provide his clients with an all encompassing and well rounded contest preparation plan. Doug’s plans, which include exact meal plans, training programs, and a supplement regimen, take all the guess work out of contest preparation and quite simply make for a less stressful and more successful experience. Further, Doug’s responsiveness to his clients is exceptional. Whenever I had a question or update I would send Doug an email. His response was always in a timely manner and he provided me with an exact answer to every one of my questions.

Doug brought my physique to a level I never thought I could attain. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to push their bodies to the next level to hire Doug immediately. I will forever be a Team Miller athlete.

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-IFPA Pro Ron Parmeter


My objective over the last 10 years was to be as big and strong as possible. I was always knowledgeable about “weight lifting”, but nutrition wasn’t my strong-point. I ate anything and everything to fuel me for my workouts. I thought eating until I felt full, or couldn’t move in some cases, was ideal. The more calories I consume, results in the heavier weight I can move and the more size I put on, right? Who cares if I can’t see my abs, but if I could bench press a truck, none of that matters! Well, on the other hand, I always knew I was getting too large for my frame. I’m 5' 7” (which is generous) and weighed 205 lbs the beginning of this year. It was time to see what was under all my fat!

While training at Ballston Gold’s Gym, I had the privilege of meeting Doug and Stephanie Miller. At the gym, I was drawn to their intensity and focus. Moreover, I was impressed by their strength and physique. After getting to know them, I learned that they train athletes for bodybuilding shows and are fellow competitors. From their personal and client's accomplishments, I knew I could trust them for guidance.

On February 1, 2009, I reached out to Team Miller and was ready to start dieting for my first show. Prior to starting, they met me for a consultation and came up with a detailed game plan. They were patient and answered all my questions about bodybuilding. Team Miller informed me on which supplements I will be taking, my schedule for meals, as well as my work-out routine. One month later, we started and I quickly experienced fat loss, as well as improvements in gaining lean muscle mass. Today, I report my daily progress and adjustments are made accordingly. We have a goal and Team Miller understands what we have to do to accomplish it!

Dan Cruz transformation

-Daniel Cruz

When I contacted Team Miller, I already had been competing as an amateur female bodybuilder for three years. As I explained to Stephanie and Doug, I felt I had stagnated and I wanted to do better in my next show.

I had never worked with a contest preparation coach, but I had attended a couple of Team Miller posing classes where I observed directly how the Millers interacted with their clients. Besides having a straightforward style that I truly appreciate, the Millers are highly accomplished in the world of natural bodybuilding, and have businesses credentials I respect: personal training experience and education as well as owning and running a successful supplement company, nutrition store, and training studio. Doug recently co-authored a book for bodybuilders, which gave me a glimpse of the Team Miller approach, and I was confident that I’d be getting sound advice, based on years of experience and grounded in science.

I worked with Stephanie and Doug for 16 weeks to prepare for the 2011 OCB Yorton Cup, one of the biggest natural amateur shows with a highly competitive showing of female bodybuilders. They designed a perfectly integrated training, nutrition, and supplement program tailored specifically to my individual needs. I’ll admit I freaked a little when I first read over the training program; it was far tougher than anything I’d ever attempted before. But before I knew it, there I was: a 46 year old working mom of two, absolutely crushing it in the gym and loving it!

Stephanie and Doug always responded promptly to my emails and adjusted my program as needed. When I’d get discouraged or worried that I wasn’t progressing fast enough, they’d give me words of encouragement and an extra push to keep me motivated. Ultimately, I exceeded my goal of simply placing better at the Yorton by winning my division and making it to the final posedown. Even though my fellow competitor won the overall, I was on top of the world. I knew I brought my best and Team Miller got me there.

The best part of working with Team Miller has persisted long after the show. Few things can beat the sense of accomplishment that comes from setting the bar high and rising to meet the challenge. Stephanie and Doug re-acquainted me with my driven and ambitious side and inspired me to overcome my self-imposed limits. For that, I will be forever grateful.

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-Debbie Aiken

I did a few bodybuilding shows in 2004 on a 10 week diet. The diet was horrible. I knew I wanted to compete again this year (2011), and I wanted to do it right this time. I was given Doug and Stephanie Miller’s website and urged to check them out. I went in for a face to face with Doug and Stephanie to tell them my goals and see what services they offered. I was foolishly thinking I would need a 14 or 16 (maximum) week diet, not really accepting the fact that I had been a “little” too relaxed with my eating habits. Honestly, I was not happy (with myself) to learn that I would need 20 weeks, but I knew Doug and Stephanie were right.

When I received the diet I was impressed with the breakdown of everything. They included the breakdown of the macronutrients and a webpage to help track everything, which was insightful to what I was putting into my body, and very helpful for the contest prep. They allowed me to take ownership of my own diet, with their professional knowledge and guidance. Team Miller also did my workouts, which I found to be incredible. It was a change from how I had been working out and, in conjunction with the diet, I definitely saw results I had not been expecting.

Team Miller was there to answer my questions throughout my 22 weeks. Especially during our (my boyfriend also used Team Miller) journey across several states to get to our competition when we learned that the show was cancelled due to Hurricane Irene. 19 weeks of dieting was about to be wasted if it had not been for them actually figuring out another show for us to compete in! This show happened to be only 20 minutes away from where we were! They were fantastic during that period, while I was mildly freaking out.

Amazingly, I ended up doing 22 weeks of dieting. My last show I won the Women’s Bodybuilding Open, received Best Poser, and achieved my IFPA Pro Card! MORE than I believed would happen going into this. Originally, I just wanted more cuts in my legs. =) I never thought a dream would become reality.
I highly recommend using Team Miller. Don’t just dream about it, live it. Thank you Team Miller!

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- IFPA Pro Holly Owings

After lifting weights for 15 years and getting nowhere with my physique, I decided to compete in my first bodybuilding show. I knew how to lift weights but developing a program and diet to transform my body was beyond me.

I contacted Team Miller and expressed my goals but also explained that I worked full time, had two small children and lived in Germany. I was worried this might be a problem but (thankfully!) Doug and Stephanie were happy to bring me on as a new client. I had a tailored workout program, diet and supplement guidance within a couple of days and thus my 12-week contest prep countdown began.

I loved Team Miller's "CRUSH IT" philosophy and the pain I suffered through during my workouts was well worth it! I was really worried about the competition diet but Team Miller gave me alternatives to choose from and amazingly I was never hungry! Within weeks I began noticing my body transforming. Whenever I had questions or needed help, Doug and Stephanie quickly responded - even with the six hour time difference.

Team Miller was able to accommodate my workout and diet in accordance with my work and family schedules and still have me contest ready in time for my competition. At the age of 39, I finally competed in my first bodybuilding show - the U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart's 3rd Annual Bodybuilding and Figure Competition. Thanks to Doug and Stephanie's guidance, motivation and support, I took home TWO 1st place trophies: weight category and overall. I could not have achieved this goal and dream without Team Miller! I can't imagine having any other trainers for my next show!

Naomi Ludan testimonial

-Naomi Ludan

On the day of my first OCB figure competition, I was standing in the prep room - looking around at the other competitors, and thinking about what I had accomplished over the past 16 weeks. I was overjoyed, excited, and knew that I was ready. I had never felt more prepared for anything in my life. I was ready to step out on stage and show the judges what I had given up ample hours for food preparation (over 784 portioned/planned meals), training (over 128 workouts), and posing quarter turns. As my coaches, Doug and Stephanie Miller provided a step-by-step guide complete with meal plans and training programs. They were available anytime I had questions by both phone and email. I was able to practice my posing routines with them, and get answers regarding the competition process, tanning, and even suit selection. The competition season was a complete success - and I just followed the plan that they provided. I placed 3rd in the OCB Central Eastern Seaboard States, in both the Figure Novice and Figure Open. Only a week later, I placed 1st in the OCB Bay State Natural Figure Novice, and in the Figure Open - and went on to win Overall Figure. I look forward to competing in 2011 - with the goal of earning my pro-card, and having Doug and Stephanie Miller as my coaches once again!

Kendra Fink testimonial

-Kendra Fink

Team Miller is absolutely the best in all of the services that they provide. I contacted Stephanie Miller because I was considering entering a figure competition and saw that she offered a Competition Prep/Figure Coach service. After looking at her photos, I was inspired and felt that she would be the perfect person to help me. Just minutes into my initial consultation with her, I was sold. I told her, sign me up for the 12-week workout and nutritional program! Within a few days, Team Miller delivered a diet and exercise program that completely transformed my physique.

My exercise routine at the time, had become boring and stale. I felt frustrated and stuck because I wasn't seeing any gains at the gym. After my first workout on the program, I knew I would begin to see changes. There was one workout in particular where I remember saying out loud at the gym "Oh my goodness...this is like boot camp!" The variety of exercises, sets and reps in the program are what kept my body "guessing" each time I went to the gym. The program never allowed my body to get used to a routine, so it kept me from hitting a plateau.

In conjunction with the exercise and nutritional program, I also used Core Nutritionals supplements. The supplements worked wonderfully and I never ONCE experienced a negative side effect. They were all safe to use and provided much assistance in my transformation. Every week, I was seeing more muscle and definition. People would come up to me and ask me what I was doing differently because the changes were that obvious!

Throughout the 12 weeks, Stephanie and Doug kept in contact with me almost daily either through e-mail or phone. They promptly answered my MANY questions and often went out of their way to keep me motivated and on track. Stephanie provided a lot support on the days that I felt discouraged. She is such a gentle and kind person that truly takes the time to understand where her client is coming from.

I owe my competition success to Team Miller because without their help, I wouldn't have been able to reach this goal and place 1st in my class and division at the show. Pictures don't lie and I have the proof! If you're looking for professional and motivating trainers, Team Miller is for you! You won't be me!

-Sara Melendez

I decided to get back into competitive natural bodybuilding after 10 years away from the stage. I soon realized that regardless of what I knew worked for me in the past and how focused I was to succeed, I could never come into a competition on point. “Ten more pounds” was the feedback I received from numerous judges after each show. “Ten more pounds” was never enough and I was beginning to think that maybe I just don’t have the physique for competition. Finally, at the 2008 Cape Cod Classic I approached Doug Miller, who I felt provided competitors with very honest and constructive feedback. I asked him I should just hang it up. Doug said absolutely not.

I started with Team Miller in November with the goal of getting on stage for the ’09 Spirit of America in April. Doug and Stephanie Miller created a diet, supplement, and work out program tailored specifically for me based on my body’s response during a reconditioning phase. They also took into consideration my work schedule. My progress was constantly monitored through daily e-mailed weight checks, weekly pictures, and feedback as to how I was feeling. Adjustments to my diet, supplements, and workout program were made as needed.

Regardless of the day or time, if I had a question or concern, Doug contacted me immediately. One day, a month before the competition, I was suddenly stricken with terrible flu symptoms. I e-mailed Doug and he called me immediately. Our new goal became getting me well again, we would think about the competition after that. His remedies began to work the very next day. Within the week, I was back on the program.

Peak week was awesome. I never expected my body to react the way it did. The transformation from one day to the next was amazing. Doug met me at the Cape the day before the show to go over posing one on one. Until now, he had been giving me tips through pictures and e-mail. It was great having this time to fine tune some of my poses. For the first time, I felt ready… I felt like I belonged on that stage.

After not placing at all during the previous seasons, I took 2nd place in the novice class and 4th in the open-men’s class at the '09 SOA. The biggest honor was being recognized as the most improved bodybuilder.

Team Miller has a no-nonsense, individualized “Crush It” approach to the sport of competitive bodybuilding. Doug and Steph are dedicated, very honest, and knowledgeable. I trust that they have the ability to guide me towards reaching my fullest potential as a competitive bodybuilder. I have continued to work with Doug and Steph “because there is no off season!” I look forward to doing so throughout the 2010 season when I plan on hitting the stage once again.

Phil Kamer testimonial

-Phil Kamer

Team Miller can’t be beat! I’ve been working with Doug and Stephanie Miller for almost a year now. I originally did a handful of personal training sessions with Stephanie in winter of 2007 because I was looking for some motivation to kick my training up a notch. And boy did I get my money’s worth! I got great results not just from the training sessions but also from the diet and training knowledge that she passed on to me. She made suggestions on ways to improve my eating habits and answered any questions I could come up with on how to improve my overall fitness. I put all her guidance into action and continued making rapid progress on my own after our training sessions were over.

A month or two later, Team Miller opened an online forum and Stephanie invited me to join it. I joined and continued to get great support, information and feedback from her, Doug and the other forum members at no charge! The results I was getting from my training and diet were so encouraging that by spring of 2008, after I attended a figure competitor’s seminar hosted by Team Miller, I decided to finally pursue a dream of mine by entering a figure competition. Doug and Stephanie did my contest prep for me and in 13 weeks I had won 2nd place in my first show! 1st place went to another Team Miller Figure competitor, so it’s obvious who the best trainers were at that show!

Many thanks to Team Miller for giving me the tools and support to pursue my dream and change my life!

Melissa Hennigan - Team Miller

-Melissa Hennigan